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Katrin - trackle story & team

Katrin Reuter
Photo: Claudia Kempf

Max - trackle story & team

Maxim Loick

Bild - trackle story & team

Stephan Noller

Katrin, founder and managing director of trackle, was not planning to develop a medical device. However, she is fascinated by everything digital and has a stressful everyday life with two children and a full time job. That’s why she was annoyed by the complicated and error-prone temperature measurement with a digital thermometer every morning – to then manually enter the values ​​into a digital device.

That was the birthhour for trackle.

Immediately her husband Maxim, a passionate maker and software expert, was on fire. And so was their friend Stephan, who has a lot of experience in founding companies and electrical engineering. Jörn and Franka brought in their design and app expertise and at the kitchen table a first prototype was created. And then another. And another one.

The idea grew and prospered and is now a small company, which is supported by a great idea: Knowledge empowers us. Knowledge makes us independent. Women should know how their body works – in a simple, comfortable and reliable way.