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What exactly is a cycle?

The cyle is the recurrent process around female fertility. It is always calculated from the first day of menstruation (this is the first day of the cycle) to the first day of the next menstruation (the beginning of the new cycle). In between, things are getting wild – here you’ll find all the info on the cycle.

Why should I care about my cycle?

We at trackle are convinced: only those who are informed can make good decisions. This is especially important with family planning and everything concerning with one’s own health. An exact understanding of what happens and when it happens is already half the battle.

Only women who know exactly how their cycle works can make self-determined, collaborative decisions. They know themselves, can deal with themselves and their body informed. We think that is essential.

Why measure temperature?

Around ovulation, the body core temperature of a women increases a bit – and only around the ovulation you can get pregnant. So if you notice this temperature increase, you know when it’s time.

How to determine the ovulation

At trackle we rely on the symptothermal method. This means: measuring temperature and combining it with other body observations (e.g. consistency of cervical mucus). How exactly these are combined is explained by the rules of the symptothermal method – and trackle does this automatically.

How does it work with the cervical mucus?

The consistency of your cervical mucus changes with your cycle- your know that. If you pay attention to it, you will quickly recognize the timing around it. The cervical mucus, so to speak, the “double bottom" of the trackle method: only if the changes of the temperature and cervical mucus prove ovulation, it will also be displayed.

You simply enter the changes every day via buttons in the app. Here is detailed information about it.

For whom is trackle suitable?

trackle is suitable for everyone whit a cycle.

Many women use trackle in a PCO diagnosis to detect if ovulation has occured at all. Women just before menopause gain an overview with trackle what happens when. And many women use trackle for family planning: when can I get pregnant? What does that mean for my sex life?

How does it work with trackle?

You insert trackle vaginal just before bedtime, like a tampon. There it stays the whole night and measures your body core temperature.

In the morning you remove it, clean it and put it in its box. There it makes contact with your mobile phone and transfers the data to the trackle cloud.

There they are calculated (do not forget: enter every day your cervical mucus consistency in the app!) and you can see the result on the trackle app: fertile or not fertile. That’s it!

How does the inserting and removal work?

trackle is as big as a tampon and made out of soft silicone. It is inserted like a tampon, cannot slip or disappear and is not noticeable when worn.

To remove, you can easily push it forward with your muscles, because it does not change its shape (like a tampon) or created negative pressure (like a menstrual cup), but comes easily forward. There you can grab it with two fingers. Sometimes that takes a bit of practice, but it is learned quickly.

How safe is trackle?

The calculation logic of trackle is the symptothermal method. This method has been scientifically researched for many years and proven their safety. Temperature data and body observation are related according to certain rules.

trackles makes using this method easier (and less error-prone, and therefore safer): the right temperature value is automatically determined – and data transfer is wireless. No more morning measuring, and no fiddling with spreadsheets, apps and pens.

How safe is the symptothermal method?

The symptothermal method has a PI of 0.4 in so-called perfect use (no vaginal circulation during the fertile period). In protected traffic the PI is 0.6. (Source: Natürliche Familienplanung heute, Auflage 5, Kap.12)

How much is a trackle?

trackle costs 199,00 €. The sensor can be used for two years (after that the battery is obsolete).

After two years, you decide whether to buy a new sensor and return the old one to us.

In the trackle shop, there is also the option to pay in monthly installments, which then correspons to just under 9€/month.

There are no additional costs for the app.

Does trackle emit radiation in the body?

No. trackle is built in such a way that it can only connect, through a wireless connection, to your mobile phone, when it is in its storage box.

Can I remove trackle at night without the measurement being corrupted?

Yes. trackle recognizes whether it is inside your body or not – as as it was able to measure 4 hours continuously and you slept, everything is fine.

Do I have to carry trackle every night?

During menstruation trackle is not worn – the measurements start on the 5th day of the cycle. Especially at the beginning we recommend to wear the trackle every night, so you can get to know your own cycle and the trackle can collect enough data.
Many experienced women report that after a few months, they only measure around ovulation, because they are well versed in their bodies and can assess the situation.

You can always contact us personally and ask questions: write us an email to [email protected], send us a Facebook message, or call us: +49 228 90 27 87 77