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Using trackle

What is a cycle computer?

Cycle computers help you determine your cycle and your fertile and infertile phases. This way you know when you can get pregnant and when you can't. The trackle cycle computer determines your ovulation based on the symptothermal method, so you can determine your cycle easily, digitally and hormone-free.

Who is the trackle cycle computer suitable for?

trackle is suitable for all people with a cycle. Many women also use trackle, for example, in the case of a PCO diagnosis, to see whether ovulation has taken place at all. Women shortly before menopause use trackle to get an overview of what happens and when. And many women use trackle for family planning: When can I get pregnant? What does that mean for my sex life?

How to use the trackle cycle computer?

You insert the trackle sensor vaginally like a tampon at night before going to bed. It stays there all night and measures your core body temperature. In the morning, you remove it, clean it and put it in its box. There it contacts your mobile phone and transfers the measured temperature data to the trackle Cloud. There they are calculated (don't forget: it's best to enter the cervical mucus consistency in the app every day!) and you can see the result on the trackle app: fertile or not fertile.

How to remove the trackle sensor?

trackle is the size of a large tampon and is made of soft silicone. It is inserted like a tampon, cannot slip or disappear and is not noticeable when worn.

To remove it, you can push it forward very easily with your muscles, because it does not change its shape (like a tampon) or create a vacuum (like a menstrual cup), but comes forward easily. There you can grasp it with two fingers at its lower bar. Sometimes this takes a bit of practice, but it quickly becomes second nature.

Would you prefer to use a return strap? Then take a look at the trackleCatch: it works the same way as the classic trackle, but has a small lock and a ribbon that you can remove. Just like you know it from a tampon.

How safe is the trackle cycle computer?

The calculation logic of trackle is the symptothermal method. This method has been scientifically researched for many years and its safety has been proven. Temperature data and body observation are correlated according to certain rules.

The trackle sensor system makes the use of this method easier (and less error-prone, thus also safer): the correct temperature value is determined automatically – and data transmission is wireless. No more measuring in the morning, and no more fiddling with tables, apps and pencils.

Do I have to wear the trackle sensor all night?

No. trackle must be worn continuously for at least 4 hours. trackle recognises whether it is around your body or not – as long as it has been able to measure continuously for 4 hours and you have slept, everything is fine.

How much does the trackle cycle computer cost?

The trackle sensor system costs 199.00 euros, which means that the trackle sensor can be used for two years (after that the battery no longer has enough power).

After the two years, you decide whether you want to buy a new sensor and send the old one back to us.

In addition, trackle is also available as a subscription for only 9.99€ per month.

There are no additional costs for the app.

Does the trackle sensor emit radiation in the body?

No. The trackle sensor is built in such a way that it can only establish radio contact with the mobile phone when it is in its storage box.

Do I have to wear the trackle cycle computer every night?

Trackle is not worn during menstruation – measurements start on the 5th day of the cycle. Especially in the beginning, we recommend wearing trackle every night so that you get to know your own cycle and trackle can collect enough data.

Many women who are experienced in using trackle tell us that after a few months they only measure around ovulation because they know their body well and can assess the situation.

Basics for cycle monitoring

What exactly is the cycle?

The cycle is the recurring sequence around female fertility. You always count from the first day of a menstruation (that's the first day of the cycle) to the first day of the next menstruation (that's the beginning of the new cycle). In between there is a lot going on – here you can find all the information about the cycle.

Why should I track my cycle?

We at trackle are convinced: only those who are informed can make good decisions. This is especially important when it comes to family planning and everything to do with one's own health. A precise understanding of what happens when is half the battle.

And only women who know exactly how their cycle works can make self-determined decisions in partnership. And they know themselves, they can deal with themselves and their bodies in an informed way. We consider that essential.

What does core body temperature have to do with the cycle?

After ovulation, a woman's core body temperature rises – and you can only get pregnant around ovulation. So if you notice this temperature rise, you know when it's time.

How does trackle calculate ovulation?

At trackle, we rely only on the symptothermal method. This means taking your temperature and combining it with other observations of your body (for example, the consistency of your cervical mucus). The rules of the symptothermal method specify exactly how this should be combined – and trackle does it automatically.

Observing cervical mucus - how does it work?

The consistency of your cervical mucus changes with your cycle – you know that. If you pay attention to it, you will quickly recognise the systematics. The cervical mucus is, so to speak, the “false bottom" of the trackle method: only if the temperature curve and the cervical mucus prove ovulation, will it be indicated.

You simply enter the history into the app every day using buttons. You can find detailed information here.

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Test trackle and determine your cycle hormone-free!

trackle combines your core body temperature measured overnight with your cervical mucus data and thus determines your fertility status precisely and hormone-free. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you!

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