How trackle works

trackle measures your core body temperature while you sleep. For this purpose, the approximately tampon-sized sensor is inserted vaginally at bedtime. There it measures your body core temperature at regular intervals and saves it – it does not take up radio communication.

When you remove it in the morning and place it in its box, it connects to the trackle system via your mobile phone and transmits the stored data. There, the temperature data (and the other parameters such as bleeding time, cervical mucus quality, etc.) are calculated. The app then shows you the result: on the home screen the fertility status of the current day, the prognosis for ovulation and the next menstruation.In the calendar screen you will find these informations per day – here you also enter yourself, whether you want to exclude a day out of the rating, what observations you have otherwise made etc.

The sensor has a battery for energy supply and lasts for two years. Then you can send it back to us – and if you like, you order a new one.trackle is a certified medical device and is subject to strict quality criteria. The outer material of the sensor is medical grade silicone, the battery is approved for use in the body. trackle has been extensively tested in external laboratories.

Data protection plays an important role for us – we do not ask you for more information than is absolutely necessary. The data is already signed and encrypted when transferred. Our customer support will be happy to answer any conceivable question, you can reach us by email at [email protected]