The trackle team

katrin reuter teamfoto - trackle story & team

Katrin Reuter

founder & CEO

maxim loick teamfoto - trackle story & team

Maxim Loick

co-founder, technical manager & quality management

clara wedel teamfoto - trackle story & team

Clara Wedel

product manager & support

max scheithauer teamfoto - trackle story & team

Max Scheithauer

product manager

sophie franz teamfoto - trackle story & team

Sophie Franz

marketing manager

jana rechenberg teamfoto - trackle story & team

Jana Rechenberg

sales manager

irina katerinska teamfoto - trackle story & team

Irina Katerinska

assistant of management

polly trackle - trackle story & team


office dog

The trackle story

Katrin, founder and CEO of trackle, actually had no plans to develop a medical product. However, she has a weakness for everything digital and a pretty stressful everyday life with two children and a full-time job. That is why she was annoyed every morning about the complicated and error-prone temperature measurement with a digital thermometer – only to then type the values ​​into a digital device by hand.

That was the hour of birth of trackle.

Her husband Maxim, a passionate doer and software expert, was instantly hooked. And the mutual friend Stephan, who has a lot of experience with company formation and electrical engineering. Jörn and Franka contributed their design and app expertise and a first prototype was created at the kitchen table. And then another. And another one.

The idea grew and flourished and is now a small company supported by a big idea: Knowledge empowers us. Knowledge makes us independent. Women should know how their bodies work – simply, comfortably and reliably.

We are proud of what we have been able to achieve in recent years … the team has grown, our classic sensor got a sibling in early 2020 with the trackleCatch, both sensors have changed their color and now shine in a blackberry-colored shine – yay!

The number of our sales partners who share the trackle philosophy and support us in making our product available to our customers at as many points of sale as possible has also grown steadily. In the meantime we even inspire customers and partners beyond the German borders!

You can also get your trackle from the following partners: