Contraception: methods and important terms

Sex - probably the best thing in the world. With the right partner and, if you don't want to have children, with the right contraceptive method. Anyone who begins to deal with the subject knows that the offer is wide. Pill, coil, condom: the clamor for hormone-free contraception in particular has gotten louder and louder in recent years. And for good reason: Hormonal-free contraception has no side effects and therefore does no harm to you or your body. With trackle you can use contraceptives without hormones and completely free of side effects, as well as determine your cycle Do you finally want to stop taking the pill and are you starting to deal with contraception without hormones? Do you already use contraception without hormones, for example with a condom, but would like to do without it during your infertile phase? Are you looking for a way to determine your fertile window? We will not leave you alone on your way and we have summarized everything you need to know about contraception without hormones.

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More and more women value contraception without hormones. No wonder, with the side effects that the pill brings, for example! With hormonal contraceptives and methods, your hormonal balance is not disturbed and there is no risk of side effects. We have summarized here everything you need to know about contraception without hormones.


Contraception using the symptothermal method

The trackle birth control monitor evaluated according to the rules of the symptothermal method. This way you will know exactly when your fertile window is. With the knowledge of when you are infertile, you can use an easy, hormone-free method of birth control! We have explained in more detail here how you can prevent with the symptothermal method and with trackle. Find it now.


Pearl index

The Pearl Index evaluates the safety of a contraceptive. The symptothermal method also has a Pearl Index. You can read here how exactly the Pearl Index works and how reliable the symptothermal method is.


Frequently Asked Questions: Contraception and Contraceptive Monitors

Does Trackle prevent pregnancy if I use the sensor during sexual intercourse? When do I start using trackle once I have stopped the pill? how sure are you trackle birth control monitor? When it comes to contraception, some questions come up, and you have every right to have them answered! That's why we've put together a contraception FAQ for you, check it out.