Hormonal-free contraception: methods at a glance

Headaches, loss of libido, depressed moods: the list of side effects of hormonal contraceptives like the pill or the hormonal spiral is long. Therefore, contraception without hormones is becoming more and more important. The special thing about this is that contraception has no side effects. With the trackle contraceptive monitor you can use contraceptives without hormones: simple, digital and safe. We accompany you on your way, so here you will find everything that is important to you if you decide to use contraceptives without hormones.

How can I take birth control without hormones?

Contraception in hormonal contraceptives such as the hormonal implant, the contraceptive pill or the contraceptive patch disturb the hormonal balance. They make sure that you forget to listen to your body and correctly interpret its signals. It is very important to understand your body and understand what is going on in it, especially when it comes to something as important as contraception.

Anyone who wants to start using non-hormonal contraceptives is faced with a number of questions: What non-hormonal contraceptives are there? What to pay attention to? How safe is contraception without hormones? We would like to answer these questions and provide the security you need.


Alternative to the pill: hormone-free contraception with natural family planning

Hormonal-free contraception is also often called natural contraception because it has no side effects. If you are looking for an alternative to the pill, you will easily find it with the natural family planning. In the following sections we will give you an overview of non-hormonal birth control methods, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The symptothermal method

    With the trackle contraceptive monitor you get contraception according to the Rules of the Symptothermal Method. It is considered the safest method in natural family planning: trackle makes the app more digital and easier to use and removes the fear of doing something wrong. With the so-called perfect use - this means: no vaginal intercourse during the fertile period - this has a Pearl index of 0.4. For protected sex, the Index is 0.6. With the symptothermal method you can determine the fertile window very accurately, because you are only fertile around ovulation. The symptothermal method assesses two indicators of fertility: core body temperature and cervical mucus. Therefore, the evaluation is carried out by means of a double verification. This is what makes the method so secure.

  • The temperature method

    As the name suggests, the temperature method only assesses your temperature and does not assess other fertility indicators such as cervical mucus or the position of the cervix. This makes it much more insecure than the symptothermal method, in which, in addition to your core body temperature, another indicator of fertility such as your moco cervical is included in the evaluation.

  • The Billings method, also known as the cervical mucus method

    Shortly before ovulation, the consistency of the moco cervical change. The Billings method takes advantage of this. With this hormone-free birth control method, you check your cervical mucus every day and record it on a chart to determine any changes. But the same applies here as with the temperature method: only one indicator of fertility is included in the evaluation, which makes it much less reliable than the symptothermal method.

  • The calendar method and "reverse": beware, insecure!

    First of all: these two methods are NOT recommended! They are considered unsafe and therefore not suitable for contraceptive purposes. With the calendar method the approximate time of ovulation can be determined, but the method mainly assumes 28-day cycles. But every cycle it is individual and even in regular cycles, by which a clock can be programmed, sometimes they can be lengthened or shortened. Especially when it comes to contraception, you should not rely on calculating a rough time window, it can go wrong! 

    In the "reverse" the responsibility lies with the man: remove the penis from the vagina before ejaculation so that no sperm can enter the vagina. However, even if this really works despite the happiness highway, there is still the pleasure drop, also called pre-ejaculate. It comes out before the actual ejaculation and can preserve the sperm. The man usually does not notice the exit at all. So here too: clear NO contraception recommendation with the "reverse gear"!

Fertile and infertile days of the cycle.

Natural family planning is about ovulation, because your fertile window is around ovulation. This is the basis of natural contraception: if you know when you are fertile, that is, when you can get pregnant, you also know when you need to use additional contraception, such as a condom or diaphragm, to prevent pregnancy.

Contraception without hormones: this is important to consider

Want a hormone free contraception? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind that may be new to you. But don't worry: Hormone-free contraception is exciting and interesting, because not only will you use contraception without side effects, but you'll also get to know and understand yourself and your body in a whole new way. We give you an overview of what you should pay attention to.

Fertile and infertile days of the cycle

In the natural family planning everything revolves around ovulation, because your fertile window is located around ovulation. This is the basis of natural contraception: if you know when you are fertile, that is, when you can get pregnant, you also know when you need to use additional contraception, such as a condom or diaphragm, to prevent pregnancy.

stop taking the pill

Before you start using non-hormonal contraceptives, you should stop using hormonal contraceptives such as the pill or the hormonal spiral. A cycle natural without hormonal influence is the basis of natural and hormone-free contraception.

trackle facilitates contraception without hormones

Hormone-free contraception works differently than taking a hormone pill every day. If you want to use natural family planning for contraception, you need to gain some knowledge, especially at first, to understand how it all works. But don't worry: it's not that complicated! Above all, it is extremely interesting, because you get to know and understand yourself and your body. trackle use the safest method natural family planning and helps you to apply a scientifically researched method in a simple and digital way and to delve into the hormonal contraception in the easiest way possible.

Advantages of contraception without hormones

If you decide to use birth control without hormones, many advantages await you. We have summarized for you what you can definitely expect when you say: goodbye hormones!


you know your body

We cannot say it enough: those who know it are free and can decide for themselves. With natural contraception you begin to understand your cycle and to listen to you. Something like your period will no longer surprise you.

No more pill side effects!

Goodbye headaches, hello libido! The hormonal contraception it is free of side effects and is natural. Especially if you have suffered from the negative side effects of the pill, this is a great advantage for contraception without hormones.

The perfect base for a pregnancy, one day!

You can't imagine yourself pregnant right now, but maybe one day? Hormone-free contraception with trackle is exactly the right fit. through the symptothermal method you can accurately determine your fertile window: this is important if you want to take contraceptive measures and equally important if you want to get pregnant. In one case, use extra protection during your fertile days, for example with a condom, or don't have sex at all; in the other case, just get going especially on your fertile days! You don't even have to know when and if you want to have children. But one thing is certain: knowing and understanding your own body and cycle is the perfect foundation for all important decisions in life.