Periodenblut | Wenn's läuft, dann läuft's

Period blood | Go with the flow

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Your period bleeding doesn't always look the same? Congratulations -  this is completely normal! But before we start, let's ask ourselves the question...

What actually is period blood? 

While it looks like ordinary blood, in fact they are not really one and the same. 

Because period blood consists of about half blood, but also shed uterine lining, the unfertilized egg and vaginal fluid. 

And how much do you actually bleed during a menstrual period?

"I bled like never before!" – every menstruating person has probably said that at some point. In the course of a menstrual period, around 20 to 60 milliliters of blood are normally bled out. Heavy bleeding is defined as 80 milliliters or more. Tampons and pads often make it look a little scarier and more than it actually is. 

Eine Binde und Unterhose, die Blutbefleckt sind


The different colors of your bleeding can give you different information:


Pink period blood

Indicates low estrogen levels. This type of menstrual blood is common in people who use birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives.


Bright red period blood

This is very typical at the beginning of the period! Your body goes full throttle and the blood flows faster.


Strong red period blood

Does your period blood strongly remind you of normal blood? Perfect! Everything is fine! The blood is expelled more slowly, oxidizing and becoming darker.


Brown to black period blood

You're more likely to see this towards the end of your period. This blood has been in yours the longest body and had long time to oxidize. Here please on the consistency respect, think highly of! Small lumps are nothing to worry about. Depends on the size of the lump though more in the range of a 1 cent coin or larger or do you have severe pain: Please go to the gynecologist.


Red-gray period blood

Please visit your gynecologist here! Red-gray period blood can definitely indicate an infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Verschiedene Farben des Periodenblutes


Liquid menstrual bleeding

The blood thickens during menstruation. If you tend to have a light period, you will definitely have liquid, almost watery period blood more often. However, if your period blood runs continuously like water: Please contact your doctor.

Thick to lumpy menses

Smaller lumps really are absolutely normal. The clumps are simply remnants of the uterine lining that are being excreted. If you are worried or if the consistency changes significantly: please contact your doctor.

Smooth, slimy period

Does your menstrual blood remind you of spotting and is it mucous at times? No need to worry: cervical mucus has crept in here. The same applies here: if something worries you, see your doctor.

Konsistenz von Periodenblut

Let’s talk about it!

Please don't whisper in your girlfriend's ear at the next meeting if she has a tampon for you. There is nothing here to be ashamed of. On average, the period begins at 13 and lasts until the age of 51. So that's 38 years! Let's assume five days of menstruation on average and 456 periods in your life. That's 2,280 days - that's 6.25 years of your life! It's all natural and belongs to you! So there is no reason to be ashamed of this. ❤️

And here's something to smile about ;-)

Männer werden häufiger beim Mord erwischt


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