Pillenfrust? Gute Gründe, die Pille abzusetzen

Pill frustration? Good reasons to stop taking the pill

blister mit Anti Babypille

the Aurogra Pille has experienced a real image change over the past few decades. While it was still a symbol of liberated female sexuality when it was introduced, today it often makes negative headlines. "Pill frustration" or  "pill fatigue" are just two buzzwords that haunt current media coverage. Not without reason: The fact that the pill is first and foremost a drug according to the principle “where there are no side effects, there is no effect” was often ignored in communication in the past. 

Since these are often significant in the everyday life of pill users, more and more women are looking for them alternatives.

Today we want to give you a brief overview of the changes you can notice in your body when you say goodbye to the pill. 

Coming off the pill - that's what happens in your body!

  1. If you do not supply your body with any other hormones, what is known as withdrawal bleeding occurs in most cases. This is caused by hormone withdrawal and is not menstrual bleeding as it would occur in a natural cycle. You probably know withdrawal bleeding from the one-week break from the pill. It may be wise to take the pill to the end of the blister and not start a new blister after this break, rather than simply skipping it. Please discuss this with your gynecologist beforehand!
  1. Especially if you have been on the pill for several years, your cycle may take a while to level off again. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal! In the first three months in particular, it can happen that your period is still irregular or that ovulation has not yet taken place. With the symptothermal method you can already find out during this time when your cycle will regulate itself again.
  1. Some women feel better just two days after taking the last pill because hormone-related side effects such as breast tenderness, migraines or mood swings disappear. With other women, however, it takes a while for the body to adapt. Maybe you notice a few more pimples than before in the first three months or your hair falls differently than you are used to. This is only temporary. Give your body time to find its own balance again!

What you can look forward to:

  1. Goodbye headaches!

The estrogens in the pill can cause headaches as a side effect. If they fall away, the pressure in the head also disappears!

  1. Suddenly 2 kilos lighter 

It is not uncommon for the body to retain water when taking pills. So what you may have thought was a gradual increase in weight wasn't at all. When your hormone balance regulates itself again after stopping the pill, it will get rid of this water again. Whether “real” weight gain or not, it can still be noticeable on the trouser button!

  1. Cheering sky high, saddened to death

Did you know that excessive mood swings but also depressive moods can have something to do with the artificial hormones in the pill? These are even so common when taking the pill that the Manufacturers will have to list these in the package insert in the future. Even if real depressive moods are only the end of the road here: many women quickly feel much better and more balanced after stopping the pill.

  1.  Down to business!

The pills in particular, to which positive effects are also attributed to skin and hair, are suspected of being able to reduce the desire for sex quite a bit. The reason for this are so-called anti-androgen active progestins in the pill. They lower testosterone levels. This ensures a more even complexion for many women. The actually male sex hormone also plays an important role in the female hormone balance for sexual desire. So if you prefer to only use your bed to sleep, it may be because of your pill. Many women report more desire after stopping the pill.

  1. Serious side effects of the pill

A sad chapter in the history of the pill is the proven increased risk of thrombosis when taking the pill.

Thrombosis is a vascular occlusion caused by a blood clot. They are most common in the deep veins of the legs, as these carry blood back to the heart against gravity all day and are therefore more susceptible to thrombosis. If such a blood clot detaches, it can get into the lungs, for example, and lead to a pulmonary embolism there, which can result in disabilities or even death for those affected. The risk of developing thrombosis is generally not high for young otherwise healthy women who are taking the pill but it increases by a factor of up to five

If you stop taking the pill, your risk of thrombosis will quickly normalize.

Hormone-free contraception

If you've had enough of the pill, you can symptothermal method be a real alternative for you to determine your fertile days. It doesn't matter if you only care about yours get to know the body better, to use hormone-free contraception or to determine the best time for sex because you want to have children. because  trackle  literally taking over the work “in your sleep”, the method can also be used for everyone who has not been able to integrate daily measurement at the same time into their everyday life up to now. By the way: The monthly costs of your trackles are lower than those of many pills. Just have a look at our Shop around! your questions about NFP, that trackle Sensorsystem and the Symptothermal method, our support team will be happy to answer you at info@trackle.de

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