Die lila trackles sind da! - trackle

The purple trackles are here! - trackle

Hooray, since last week we have the brand new trackles in the house! They are beautiful and they are purple! Here our Technical Director writes what we have improved and why they are purple.

What we improved

We made the circuit board inside the sensor a whopping 2mm narrower. That doesn't sound like much at first, but with such small devices, 2mm are almost worlds! From a purely visual point of view, the electronics now shimmer less clearly through the material (the white devices occasionally showed shadows from the circuit board), but above all the new devices have become even more robust as a result – a smaller board with the same external dimensions means thicker silicone walls .

We also added a small polished window to the side where the LED is located so the user can see which side the sensor is blinking on.

Why are the trackles purple?

Actually, the sensors should be green from the first hour. Right from the start, before we even shipped the first sensor, we received feedback from our users that green was the most desirable color. who our History followed a little bit, knows that in 2018 we had to produce in white after all. The trackle sensors are medical devices that are worn in the body. This means that we have to meet the highest requirements for biocompatibility - no pollutants, plasticizers or allergens may be released into the mucous membrane of the user. For this purpose, the material is subjected to extensive tests according to EN 10993. When we entered the market, we could only carry out these tests for the white material - otherwise the market entry would have been delayed by a year.

But for the next stage of development, we had firmly resolved, let's go green! So we made green prototypes. They also looked really great, but due to the green material, the blinking of the LED was only very weakly visible. For the material nerds among you: This is because the green pigments are not translucent, i.e. not “transparent”. So we had to have enough color in the material to no longer be able to see the electronics, but little enough to still be able to see the LED blinking. Unfortunately, green was not able to convince as a result.

The purple pigments are translucent, so with the right dosage we were able to find the perfect mixture that covers the circuit board properly and still allows the LED to flash clearly. So we took the purple material to the laboratory, tested according to EN 10993, here we are!

Will there be more colors?

Unfortunately, the white silicone is no longer manufactured, so we now have to take the white sensors out of the program.

The green material turned out to be unsuitable, so unfortunately we could not include it in the program.

That means: At the moment there is only purple trackles. But of course we see a motley rainbow rising over the colorful trackle future - even if it just takes a little longer for production reasons.

The switch to ours brombeer-trackle is definitely another milestone in our company's history and probably the most colorful we've ever had. Anyway, we're pretty much in love with our purple trackle sensor - are you?

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