Gebrauchte trackle Sensoren kaufen: nachhaltig oder keine gute Idee?

Buying used trackle sensors: sustainable or not a good idea?

Dear trackle friends,

our sensor is becoming more popular and we are happy about that! ? For some time now, we have received inquiries from users who are having difficulties pairing their sensors. On closer inspection, it turned out that these are sensors that were resold used or given away. We generally think it's a good idea not to dispose of everything that you no longer need. This is sustainable and avoids unnecessary waste. 

In the case of our sensors, however, it is a case of a certified medical product. This must follow certain legal standards. As a manufacturer, we explicitly exclude any transfer to exclude the risk of infection. The trackle is also technically built in such a way that it can be paired with different end devices, but only with one account. This means: It is not possible to link an already linked sensor to a new account. 

So if you want to buy a sensor via classified ad portals or privately, please make sure that it is really new and unused. The seal should be undamaged, the sensor itself sealed in a bag. If you have any questions, please contact 

Incidentally, you can also buy your sensor as a subscription in our shop – for just €9.99 a month.

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