does trackle change the relationship?

People come together to spend parts of their lives together because they have something to say to each other, they want to build something together, they are stronger together, because they love each other. Sometimes whole families of connections arise, sometimes couples, sometimes communities, sometimes startups... In any case, people take responsibility for each other and with each other.

When it comes to having children and fertility management, this of course also applies: two people are involved, two love each other, and two take responsibility.

Does a relationship change if trackle enter the game?

Everything is different and yet the same

Decide on a new method of Family planning It is usually a conscious thought that is taken jointly and responsibly. That's good, because that's the only way it works! Shall we support you a little? We have collected some questions.

  • Wear it all night? Well, let's be honest...

    The answer is very easy: yes, of course. Finish him off first. The technology recognizes the break in the temperature series and calculates it. Done.

  • Inside, outside, carry, not carry, isn't it all totally awkward?

    It's a new routine, a relationship decision, a new responsibility, a great conversation starter, it is a discreet companion, a cool gadget, a good toy, a friend for life, a basis for important decisions - it's anything but awkward.

  • I do not want to talk. I didn't have to do it before.

    What feels exhausting is actually a wonderful foundation for responsible family life.

    Two people, two bodies - one decision: this is a great journey of discovery, a shared experience, an empowering experience. Who would want to do without it?

  • What works and what doesn't?

    Anything goes. That in advance. However, couples who want to become pregnant must coordinate their activities, and this requires agreements. Sounds unsexy? Well... even planned sex is sex!

  • Getting pregnant - tips

  • How does Trackle work?

  • trackle vs. other cycle monitors