Natural Family Planning

The term "natural family planning" is the generic term for several methods that have one thing in common: by looking at physical symptoms or certain sequences of statistical cycles, conclusions about fertility are drawn, because women are only in the fertile phase in certain moments. The cycle fertile, that is, around the ovulation.

Both the pure observation of cervical mucus (“Billings method”) is part of “natural family planning” and the calculation of the fertile days based on the calendar (“Knaus-Ogino”) or the measurement of temperature (“method of temperature”). The most researched and safest method is the symptothermal method, in which various parameters are observed and evaluated according to certain rules.

get pregnant naturally

Natural family planning helps you fulfill your desire to have children, because sometimes it's not enough to simply stop using birth control. Thus it is important to know your ovulation to know the best time to conceive.

Your body sends you several signals that tell you that you are currently in your fertile days. Elevated core body temperature, a disturbance of moco cervical or a change in the opening of your cervix: all these indicate that there is a possibility of becoming pregnant.

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With natural family planning, you can control your cycle and find out when your ovulation. The symptothermal method it is particularly suitable for this task because it is particularly precise.

A piece of advice: it is better to have intercourse two days before ovulation; a broken egg is only fertile for up to 48 hours. And even if the sperm can survive up to five days, the path to the awaiting egg is a bit of an adventure for the sperm.