Calculate fertility with trackle

Do you already dare? Are you the first in your circle of friends? Lots of women have them symptothermal method already discovered for themselves - and there are more and more. Because one thing is clear: With trackle you can wonderfully determine your cycle and know when you are fertile and when not - and completely hormone-free! Your body is a real miracle - you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and how comfortable you can feel in your own skin. Sure, it's yours!

the symptothermal method, on which trackle is based, combines your body core temperature measured overnight with your information on Zervixschleim. It's very easy - and is essential for safety. trackle suits you, your life, your body and your decision - very uncomplicated and easy.

Natürliche Familienplanung. Mann gibt seiner Partnerin einen Kuss auf die Stirn.

Natural family planning

The term "natural family planning" is the generic term for several methods, all of which have one thing in common: by observing physical symptoms or certain statistical cycle sequences, conclusions are drawn about fertility - because women are only in the fertility phase at certain times cycle fertile, namely around ovulation. trackle evaluates on the basis of the symptothermal method, which is a method of natural family planning. Find out now.

Junge Frau mit Tattoos benutzt die trackle App.

The Symptothermal Method

trackle evaluates according to the rules of the symptothermal method. Your core body temperature and another fertility indicator will be Zervixschleim observed and evaluated - you know when you are fertile and when not. We have summarized and explained the symptothermal method for you.

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Measure basal body temperature & calculate ovulation

trackle measures your core body temperature overnight and evaluates the lowest value: the basal body temperature. Why trackle measures inside the body, how you can use the Basaltemperatur Recognizing your ovulation and even pregnancy and for whom the method is suitable, we explain here.