Natural family planning

The term "natural family planning" is the generic term for several methods that all have one thing in common: by observing physical symptoms or certain statistical cycle sequences, conclusions are drawn about fertility - because women are only in the fertility phase at certain times cycle fertile, namely around the ovulation.

Both the pure observation of the cervical mucus (“Billings method”) falls under “natural family planning” and the calculation of the fertile days on a calendar basis (“Knaus-Ogino”) or measuring the temperature (“temperature method”). The most researched and safest method is this sympothermal method, in which several parameters are observed and evaluated according to certain rules.

Get pregnant naturally

Natural family planning helps you to fulfill your desire to have a child - because sometimes it is not enough to simply stop using contraception. It is then important for you to know your ovulation in order to try to get pregnant at the best time.

Your body sends you various signals that tell you that you are currently in your fertile days. Increased core body temperature, a change in cervical mucus, or a change in the opening of your cervix - all of these indicate that you have a chance of getting pregnant.

Naturally secure contraception

Not all methods that fall under the generic term "Natural Family Planning" are suitable for safe, hormone-free contraception. We at trackle advise you against all methods that either only observe one body symptom (i.e. the Billings method or the temperature method) or are based on purely statistical evaluations (such as the calendar method).

For contraception it is indispensable to measure the core body temperature to compare it with (at least) one other body symptom and evaluate it according to defined, scientifically proven rules.

This means: the individual menstrual cycle must be reassessed every day according to the current daily status. Just like the sympothermal method and trackle do. Then reliable contraception is guaranteed.