Est-ce que trackle change la vie de couple?

Les gens s'associent pour passer une partie de leur vie ensemble, parce qu'ils ont quelque chose à se dire, parce qu'ils veulent construire quelque chose ensemble, parce qu'ils sont plus forts ensemble - parce qu'ils s'aiment. Parfois, des familles entières naissent de ces liens, parfois des couples, parfois des communautés, parfois des start-ups... Dans tous les cas, les gens prennent des responsabilités les uns envers les autres & les uns avec les autres.

Lorsqu'il s'agit de faire des enfants et de gérer la fertilité, cela vaut bien sûr aussi : il faut être deux, deux s'aiment - et deux prennent leurs responsabilités.

Le fait que trackle soit impliqué change-t-il quelque chose dans un couple ?

Everything is different and yet the same

The decision to use a new method of family planning is generally a well-considered decision taken jointly and responsibly. It's a good thing, because it's the only way to work! Can we help you a bit? We've put together a few questions.

  • Wear it all night? Frankly, now...

    The answer is simple: yes, of course. Just remove it first. The technique recognizes the break in the temperature series and calculates it. It's over.

  • Getting in, out, carrying, not carrying - isn't it all totally complicated?

    It's a new routine, a partnership decision, a new responsibility, a great conversation starter, a discreet companion, a cool gadget, a fancy toy, a friend for life, a basis for important decisions - it's everything, but not bulky.

  • I do not want to talk. I didn't need to do this before.

    What seems like an effort is actually a wonderful foundation for responsible living as a family.

    Two people, two bodies - one decision: it's a wonderful journey of discovery, a shared experience, a strengthening experience. Who would want to do without it?

  • What is possible and when - and what is not?

    Everything is still fine. Of course. Couples who want to get pregnant, however, should coordinate their activities in time - and for this you have to agree. Doesn't that look very sexy? Well... programmed sex is also sex!