der trackle Sensor in lila.

This is how trackle works

the trackle temperature sensor measures your core body temperature while you sleep. The sensor, which is about the size of a tampon, is inserted vaginally before going to bed. There it measures your body core temperature at regular intervals and saves it - it does not establish a radio connection.

Schaubild Schritt für Schritt. Vor dem Schlafen gehen trackle einführen. Temperatur wird automatisch gemessen. Am morgen den trackle in seine Box stellen. Daten werden an die App übermittelt und du kannst sie auslesen.

If you Sensor removed in the morning and placed in its box, it connects to the trackle system via your mobile phone and transmits the stored data via Bluetooth. The data is sent to the server, which evaluates your data and sends it back to your smartphone. Together with the details of your cervical mucus, you can use your trackle app to cycle evaluation see.

You can start measuring right after your menstruation. Especially in the beginning it is important to wear the sensor every night if possible in order to collect a lot of meaningful data. During your menstruation you have to trackle do not wear it, it is best to start measuring when your bleeding has stopped.

Frau loegt schlafend im Bett. Symbolbild.

What does the measurement bring overnight?

This is the big difference to the selective measurement in the morning with a normal thermometer: It doesn't matter when you sleep, whether you work shifts, have small children, have been to a party for a long time: as long as you sleep 4 hours, determined trackle your temperature reading.

You no longer have to measure at the same time every day, and the value is not so easily falsified by your living conditions. That makes a decision for the natural family planning much easier.

How does trackle evaluate?

The trackle cycle computer works on the basis of the rules of symptothermal method and evaluates your cycle.

The symptothermal method combines the observation of core body temperature and Zervixschleim.

trackle calculates your ovulation once your core body temperature has risen and your cervical mucus evaluation is complete. 

trackle recognizes your ovulation and tells you whether you are currently fertile (green) or infertile (white).

Ein Handy liegt auf dem Nachttisch und zeigt die trackle App an.

Safety with the trackle cycle computer

the sensor has a battery for power supply and lasts for two years. Then you send it back to us - and if you like trackle, you order a new one.

trackle is a certified medical product and is subject to strict quality criteria. The outer material of the sensor is medical-grade silicone, and the battery is approved for in-body use. trackle has been extensively examined and tested in external laboratories.

Data protection plays an important role for us - we will not ask you for more information than is absolutely necessary. The data is already signed and encrypted when it is collected.

Our customer support will be happy to answer any question you may have. You can reach us by email at

  • Handy mit der trackle App. Startseite.

    Identify fertile days quickly

    the trackle App shows you whether you are currently fertile or not.

    On the home screen of the trackle app you can see the fertility status of the current day, the forecast for ovulation and the next menstruation.

    The area colored red is the time of your menstruation. The green period shows the fertile days. And what is gray shows you the infertile time.

    At the beginning of the cycle, it is forecasts that you see. With progressing cycle is "adjusted" on a daily basis.

  • Handy mit der trackle App. Kalenderseite.

    Track and understand cycle

    It's your turn in the calendar: in addition to the automatically transmitted temperature values, you enter your other cycle observations here: cervical mucus, menstrual bleeding - and anything else that seems remarkable to you for your own body log.

    In retrospect, you will certainly notice very different connections: Do you always have headaches related to ovulation? Bad mood from PMS? The hair is great - that must be the first half of the cycle?

    Who tracks, understands!

  • Handy mit der trackle App. Startseite.

    being able to decide for yourself

    We believe: You have a right to understand what is happening in your body and when. Proven calculation methods, valid data collection, tested safety - these are the ingredients from which trackle mixes your basis for decision-making. And then what do you do with it? Decide for yourself!

  • core body temperature

    the core body temperature increases by approx. 0.2 °C as soon as your ovulation has taken place. trackle recognizes that the increase has taken place if you have measured elevated body core temperature on at least three consecutive days.

    Tip: Start measuring every night immediately after your period and continue until you have been able to determine when you are ovulating.

  • Zervixschleim

    the Zervixschleim changes during the cycle: the closer ovulation approaches, the stretchier and more transparent it becomes. Shortly before ovulation, the cervical mucus reaches its best quality, the cervical mucus peak. When you ovulate, the cervical mucus becomes cloudy and lumpy again. For the evaluation, trackle needs your cervical mucus peak and then cervical mucus of poor quality for three days.

    Tip: Monitor your cervical mucus every day. In the evening you then carry the highest quality cervical mucus into the App a!

  • Sensor-Batteriestatus. Gelbe Batterie = Noch 24 Tage Laufzeit.

    Four weeks before yours Sensor reaches the end of its lifespan, appears in yours trackle-App on the yellow tab, the icon of an orange battery. Next to it is the minimum remaining service life of your sensor. You will also find an individualized code there with which you can buy trackle can.

  • Sensor-Batteriestatus. Rote Batterie = Noch 2 Tage Laufzeit.

    Seven days before the end of your life trackles is reached, you will see the symbol of a red battery in your trackle app. You will be shown a date on which the term of your sensor ends. There you will also find an individual code that you can use to reorder.

  • Sensor-Batteriestatus. Graue Batterie mit drei x = Batterie ist abgelaufen.

    If a gray battery appears on the orange tab of your trackle app, it means that the lifespan your sensor has expired. In addition, you will find the information on which date your trackle term expired. There, too, there is an individual code for you, which you can use to reorder.