Fertile days - when are they again?

Do you remember biology lessons? Red ears, giggling boys and girls – and the first idea that fertility is somehow complicated.

Years later things are far more clear: you yourself bear the responsibility for your body. You are the one who makes the decisions and lives with the consequences. You have to know when you are fertile.

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trackle reliably shows you when you are fertile

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Recognize fertile days quickly

In the trackle app you can see your status directly on the start screen: the red colored area is the time of your menstruation. The green period shows the fertile days. And gray shows you the non-fertile timeframe.

At the beginning of the cycle, these are forecasts. As the cycle progresses, it is “readjusted" on a daily basis.

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Track and understand the cycle

On the calendar sreen, it’s your turn: in addition to the automatically transmitted temperature values, you enter your additional  cycle observations here. The cervical mucus symptom, the cervix – and what seems important for your personal body logbook.

In retrospect, you will find certain relations: headaches around ovulation? Bad mood through PMS? The hair is great – must be the first half of the cycle?

Tracking is understanding!

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Decide for yourself

We believe: You have a right to understand what happens in your body and when. Proven calculation methods, valid data collection, tested security- these are ingredients from which trackle mixes your decision-making basis. And what do you do with it? Decide for yourself!

How does trackle work?

During ovulation, the body core temperature rises- only around the ovulation women are fertile. So if you measure the temperature, you can distinguish unfertile from fertile days.

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trackle is worn vaginally overnight and continously measures core body temperature.

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In the morning, after getting up, trackle is cleaned under running water and discreetly kept in a storage box.

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The measured data is transmitted wirelessly to the trackle system as soon as the sensor is in its box. The system evaluates the data and gives you the result on the app.

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You also enter other symptoms and observations on the phone that the system needs to know, to reliably calculate your cycle status.

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Test trackle now and learn more about your fertility!

trackle combines your overnight core body temperature with your cervical mucus and cervix content. Due to that and the sophisticated app you
will always know your cycle status and when you can get pregnant.