Natural family planning

Starting a family & becoming parents – nothing to decide in a rush. In fact, it is a decision followed by exciting and beautiful moments full of happiness, euphoria and anticipation – but it also raises many questions.

trackle is the perfect companion for this new phase. Leave it to trackle to tell you when is the best time to get pregnant and focus on the beautiful moments in your new adventure.

NFP2 - Natural Family Planning
NatFamilienplanung - Natural Family Planning

Getting pregnant with ease

Naturally getting pregnant – what does that mean? Just not use contraceptives?

With an unfulfilled desire for a child, that is often not enough. For you it is important to know your ovulation, in order to get pregnant at the best time.

A lot of women, who want to conceive a child, eventually ask themselves, “Why am I not getting pregnant?" Relax: your body sends you various signals, that tell you, that you are currently in your fertile days. Increased body temperature, altered cervical mucus, or even a change in the opening of your cervix – all this shows that there is a chance of getting pregnant.

You have thought it through. And so did we.

With natural family planning, you can be aware of your cycle and find out when you ovulate.

The symptothermal method is well suited for this and has long proven to be a great natural aid for conceive a child.

trackle is based on the symptothermal method – the sensor combines your temperature values ​​and other individual symptoms that you enter directly into the app. It then tells you when you have your ovulation and helps you to better understand your body and plan your pregnancy. With trackle you know when to start.

A hint from our side: It is best to have intercourse two days before ovulation – the fertility window has a maximum of 48 hours.

And even if the sperm can survive for up to five days in the female body, the path to the waiting egg,  for the sperm, is an adventure.

After pregnancy, trackle will not be useless for you, on the contrary: If you want to continue your hormone-free life, trackle supports you.

NatFamilienplanung 2 EN - Natural Family Planning

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Test trackle now and get pregnant faster!

With trackle, fertility awareness is as easy as sleeping. Due to the precise temperature measurement and the sophisticated app you always know your exact cycle status and know when you can get pregnant.