Natural family planning

The term “natural family planning" is the generic term for several methods that all have one thing in common: fertility is inferred by observing body symptoms or certain statistical cycle sequences – because women are only fertile at certain phases in the cycle, namely around ovulation.

Both the pure observation of cervical mucus (“Billings method") falls under “Natural Family Planning" as well as the calculation of fertile days on a calendar basis (“Knaus-Ogino") or the measurement of temperature (“temperature method"). The best researched and safest method is the symptothermal method, in which several parameters are observed and evaluated according to certain rules.

NFP2 - Natural Family Planning
NatFamilienplanung - Natural Family Planning

Getting pregnant with ease

Natural family planning helps you to fulfil your desire to have a child – because sometimes it is not enough to simply stop using contraception. It is important for you to know when you are ovulating so that you can try to get pregnant at the best time.

Your body sends you different signals that tell you that you are in the middle of your terrible days. Increased core body temperature, a change in cervical mucus or a change in the opening of your cervix – all of these indicate that you have a chance of getting pregnant.

You have thought it through. And so did we.

With natural family planning, you can monitor your cycle and find out when you are ovulating. The symptothermal method is particularly suitable for this because it is especially accurate.

A tip: It's best to have sexual intercourse two days before ovulation – a cracked egg is only fertile for a maximum of 48 hours. And even though the sperm can survive up to five days, the journey to the waiting egg is a bit of an adventure for the sperm.

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