Contraception with the symptothermal method

Hormone-free contraception: a topic that is thankfully getting more and more attention. Anyone who has done a little more research will have quickly come across the symptothermal method. And for good reason: With the symptothermal method you can safely use hormone-free contraception and get to know and understand yourself, your body and your cycle better. trackle is based on the symptothermal method and makes its use much easier – because trackle ensures that hormone-free contraception remains safe and becomes digital. With trackle you don’t have to be afraid of doing something wrong, the contraceptive computer supports and helps you to use the safe and well researched symptothermal method.

What is the symptothermal method?

The symptothermal method is a method of natural family planning. It helps you to understand where you are in your cycle, i.e. in your fertile or infertile time window, because you are only fertile around ovulation. Your temperature and the consistency of your cervical mucus change around ovulation. So you know when you are fertile and when you are not: there is no more logical way to use contraception. 

With the symptothermal method, you monitor two fertility indicators: your core body temperature and your cervical mucus. This double control makes the symptothermal method the safest method of Natural Family Planning. 

What makes the symptothermal method so special is that it is suitable for all women: women who are breastfeeding, women who work shifts, women who want to get pregnant – or women who want hormone-free and safe contraception.

We have summarised a lot of information about the symptothermal method for you here. The method is not only super safe when it comes to hormone-free contraception, but can also be used if you want to have a child: With the symptothermal method, you can reliably distinguish between your fertile and infertile days.

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Hormone-free contraception with trackle

trackle and the symptothermal method go hand in hand, because: The evaluation of trackle is based on the rules of the symptothermal method. What you need to know about trackle and hormone-free contraception with trackle, you can read below.

trackle and the symptothermal method

trackle is a contraceptive computer that allows you to use hormone-free contraception – very simply, digitally and safely. You wear trackle like a tampon: vaginally. In terms of size, you can also compare it to a standard tampon. Since trackle is a certified medical product, it is made of medical silicone, which is also very comfortable to wear. The trackle app comes with the trackle vaginal sensor. It records your additional information, such as your cervical mucus or your cervical position. In the app, you can see both your cycle curve and your cycle calendar. You can record when you had sex, enter your period and you can also view your ovulation forecasts (we'll get to that in more detail in a moment) via the app.

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Your daily evaluation

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Your cycle calendar

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Your cycle curve

The trackle contraceptive computer evaluates according to the rules of the symptothermal method. You wear the sensor while you sleep and it measures your core body temperature throughout the night. For the evaluation, it determines the lowest value it has measured: The basal body temperature. The big advantage of trackle is that this way of measuring eliminates the error-prone measurement in the morning, which always has to take place at the same time. You can sleep as long or as short as you like and still have safe and hormone-free contraception with trackle.

The symptothermal method is about double control: While trackle measures your core body temperature for you, you are asked to make entries about the cervical mucus. This may sound a bit strange at first, especially if you have never dealt with it before, but we can tell you from our own experience and the many experiences of our customers that cervical mucus monitoring is child’s play after a bit of practice and works like a charm. The evaluation of your measured basal body temperature and your cervical mucus will be done by trackle for you again.

How do you use trackle for contraception?

Once the trackle app has analysed your data, the start screen will show you: “Today is a fertile day" or “Today is not a fertile day" – the perfect basis for your hormone-free contraception. Of course, you can still have sex on fertile days, but then you should use an additional contraceptive method such as a condom.

trackle not only shows you your fertile time window in your current cycle after the evaluation has taken place, but also predicts your ovulation in further cycles. The more cycles you measure with trackle, the more accurate these forecasts for your ovulation and thus also for your fertile and infertile time window will be.

By the way, not just anyone can call themselves a contraceptive. This requires approval as a class IIb medical device, which is checked and permanently monitored by a notified body. Before a notified body certifies a manufacturer, it checks in a long and strict process whether all guidelines and standards are met. Only when all the requirements of the legislation have been met can a medical device call itself a “contraceptive". trackle has successfully completed the certification process and thus proven that you can use trackle for contraception.

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Our FAQ about contraception

How safe is it to use trackle? At what point can I safely have unprotected sex? Is trackle also suitable for contraception with irregular cycles? You probably have a thousand questions about hormone-free contraception with trackle. That's why we've put together a contraception FAQ for you, in which we (hopefully) answer all your questions.

Hormone-free contraception with trackle

With the trackle contraceptive computer, you can use contraception easily, digitally, safely and, above all, hormone-free. You know exactly when you can get pregnant and when you can't.