Simply explained: Female cycle

The female cycle is so much more than the complex interaction of different hormones – it is the clock of your life, the captain of your mood and the basis for the creation of new life. It is important that you know your cycle and listen to it. That's why we explain here the 3 cycle phases that woman experience every month. You already know some of them – others may be new. trackle helps you to understand the phases so that you can better adapt to it.

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Phase 1: Menstruation

To be honest, we do not have to explain much here, do we? But what many do not know: the cycle begins (arithmetically) with the first day of menstruation. That's why the beginning of the trackle cycle is mostly red. This is not terribly subtle – but you can remember it well.

Phase 2: "Proliferation" - it starts

The hormone FSH ripens follicles – and thus increases the estrogen levels in the blood. Your body starts preparing for pregnancy. When there is enough estrogen in the blood, the hormone LH is added and induces ovulation. In this phase, your fertility is the highest: the egg cell is on it's way and can meet the sperm that are already waiting or freshly delivered. Sperm can survive in the body for up to five days – so the fertile phase (in green) is much longer than just the time around ovulation.


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Phase 3: "Luteum phase" - strange word, spectacular effect

This is optimal recycling: The follicle, from which the egg cell has burst, is itself an important element in the cycle. It produces progesterone, which raises core body temperature and prepares the uterus for the potential newcomer. And if no newcomer actually arrives? Then the unneeded mucous membrane is rejected again.

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trackle helps you to understand what happens when in your body and what that means for your life. Due to the precise temperature measurement and the sophisticated app you always know exactly your cycle status, you can adjust to it and, for example, implement your desire for children.