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Are you already on it? Many women have discovered the temperature method for themselves - and there are more and more to come.

One thing is cristal clear: your body core temperature is a perfect indicator of fertility – and if you know when you can get pregnant, you can prevent it to the point, for example with condoms. So why hormones? Your body is a marvellous thing – you will be amazed about your experiences with yourself and how well you can feel in your body. That’s how it should be, in the end it is yours!
The symptothermal method on which trackle is based combines your overnight core temperature with your cervical mucus and cervix content. It’s easy – and essential for safety.
trackle suits you, your life, your body and your decision – very straightforward and easy.


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trackle combines your overnight core body temperature with your cervical mucus and cervix content. Two values that precisely determine your fertility status.

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