Get pregnant & fulfil your desire to have children with trackle

Timing is important: If you want to get pregnant, you have to catch the right moment. Only on a few days in the cycle will you have the baby you want.  The topic of getting pregnant is a very sensitive one – and what you really don't need are myths or stressful questions. What you really need is someone who tells you exactly when you are fertile – no more and no less. And that's exactly what trackle is supposed to be for you! Your trackle cycle computer that accompanies you on your fertility journey, supports you and tells you when you can get pregnant.

Tips for getting pregnant

Unfortunately, getting pregnant is not always a piece of cake, as we know from our own experience. In addition, both the internet and books are full of tips and myths – it's impossible to keep track of them all. That's why we only give you tips that really help you get pregnant.

Does trackle change the partnership?

The journey to having children is one that you take together… one that WE take together. trackle supports you on your journey. Does it change the partnership if trackle plays along? We have dedicated ourselves to this question and answered questions that we receive again and again.

trackle helps with getting pregnant

trackle is a combination of a temperature sensor and an app. At night, while you sleep, trackle measures your core body temperature. The evaluation is based on the symptothermal method: the basal body temperature – the lowest temperature measured during the resting phase – and the cervical mucus are included in the evaluation. You can clearly see when you ovulated in the current cycle. In addition, trackle gives you a forecast of when your ovulation is likely to take place in the next cycle. This helps you and your partner to find the right time to get pregnant.

Get pregnant with trackle!

trackle shows you exactly when your fertile time window is and accompanies you on your childbearing journey. In doing so, trackle relies on a scientifically super well researched method: the symptothermal method.