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It all depends on the right timing: If you want to get pregnant, you need to catch the right moment. Only a few days per cycle you can get pregnant.

It's a very sensitive topic – and what you really do not need is advice, myths or stupid questions. What you need is exact and reliable information on when you are fertile – no more and no less.

Enjoying your life and your body, also means for you to refuse hormonal treatments, but also to understand what exactly happens in your body.

trackle might be able to help you with that. trackle measures your body core temperature at night and calculates your fertility window.

You will easily understand timings in your current cycle – and also what to expect when, for the next one. This is the basis for you and your partner to make the right decisions.

The method is much more accurate than using ovulation test strips or measuring skin temperature – as both can vary widely. Your core body temperature is the ideal fertility indicator.
Give it a try!

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How can trackle support me with getting pregnant?

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Test trackle now and learn more about your fertility!

With trackle monitoring your cycle will be child's play. Due to the precise temperature measurement and the sophisticated app you will always know your cycle status and when you can get pregnant.

No hormonal treatments

3 months money-back guarantee

TÜV certified