Does trackle impact partnership structures?

We are convinced, that people get together to spend part of their lives together, because they have something to say, they want to build something together, they are stronger together – becaue they love each other.

Sometimes connections create whole families, sometimes couples, sometimes communietes, sometimes start-ups… In any case, people take responsibility for one another and for each other.

Of course, when it comes to making babies and fertility management, it also applies: two are two, two love each other – and two take responsibility.

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Everything different and yet the same

The decision, for a new method of family planning, is usually a deliberately and thoughtful one, usually is taken together and responsibly. That's good, because that's how it works! May we support you a little? We have collected a few questions.

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Wear all night? So, let's face it ...

That's probably the most common question the trackle team gets asked: “If my girlfriend wears the sensor all night – can't we have sex at all?"

The answer is quite simple: yes, you can. Just take it out first. The technology recognizes the interruption of the temperature series and calculates it out. Finished.

In, out, carry, not wear - isn’t that all totally awkward?

It is a new routine, a partnership decision, a new responsibility, a great opportunity to talk, a discreet companion, a cool gadget, a fine toy, a friend for life, a basis for important decisions – it's all, but not awkward.

I do not want to talk. I did'nt talk about fertility management before either.

Some partners are irritated that the topic of “making children" is suddenly so present. And requires also to vote, think, weigh, decide …

What might feel exhausting is in fact a wonderful basis for a responsible life as a family. Two people, two bodies – one decision: this is a great journey of discovery, a shared experience, a strengthening experience.

What happens when - and what does not work in terms of timing?

Everything is always possible, that is crystal clear. Couples who want to get pregnant, however should coordinate their activities in time – and this requires coordination. Sounds unsexy? Well … even scheduled sex is sex!

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Test trackle now and get pregnant quickly!

trackle is the perfect companion when it comes to fertiliy awareness: it simply measures the temperature at night while you sleep – quite simply and reliable. In addition, you can enter more cycle observations in the app and improve the result. trackle helps you to make adult and flexible decisions independently.