Understand your body and your cycle better with trackle

Today you want to hug the world? And drown a cat next week? Well, that's how it is - a woman's body is a complex system under the regular influence of a wide variety of hormones.

That complex system impacts a lot of aspects: our mood, our appearance, our sense of smell, our body perception and, and, and.. is effected.

We think that’s great, impressive and a reason to celebrate. What nature has come up with, is a real miracle. But miracles do not  come surprisingly, right? Awareness brings advantages: When will your period come? Which cycle-related patterns do you recognize in yourself? When does your ovulation take place? How long are your cycle phases?

Important information for you and about you. They belong to you and say a lot about you. They must be strongly protected – but still available for you.

trackle takes over here for you – promised.

What do you want to understand better with trackle?

Test trackle now and learn more about your body!

trackle helps you to understand what happens in your body and what that means for your life. Due to the precise temperature measurement and the sophisticated app you always know exactly your cycle status. You can adjust to it and, for example, bring your desire for children into life.

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