Know yourself.
Make your own decisions.
Be free.

Do you want to know more about your body and your cycle? Wanna know when it’s the best time to get pregnant? You are self-determined with your body and your life? trackle will help you with a 3 month money back guarantee.

Developed by a woman

Made in Germany

Medically tested

Is trackle suitable for me?

+ Be sure

Let trackle calculate for you – and rely on it. The app tells you when you can get pregnant.

+ Smart and sexy

trackle looks beautiful, is fun and gives material for small talk. Get involved with your partner, swap ideas, get to know yourselves.

+ No uncertainty, no anger, just freedom

Wear the sensor vaginally at night, transfer data in the morning and type in your symptoms – get to know yourself.

+ At peace with your body

trackle visualizes what your body can do. And you know what is happening. No matter what is important for your life.

+ Decide for yourself

Want to get pregnant now? You decide. trackle provides you with your data – no more and no less.

+ Mature decisions need security

The calculation method of trackle is scientifically tested and precise. You can be sure.

Mit trackle fühle ich mich frei, gesund und unabhängig. Ich kann meinen Körper und meinen Zyklus besser einschätzen und bin dabei nicht auf Hormone angewiesen.

Lisa Peters , 23

Mit trackle werden wir es schaffen, unseren Kinderwunsch zu erfüllen. Durch die Temperaturmethode kann ich sehen, wann meine fruchtbaren Tage sind – und es ist super einfach. Ich muss das Gerät nur tragen.

Yolanda Perez , 31

Ich habe mich lange mit der Temperaturmethode beschäftigt und hatte permanent Angst, dass es nicht sicher ist, weil ich vielleicht falsch gemessen habe. Durch trackle habe ich genau die Sicherheit bekommen, die ich brauche.

Maria Koch , 25

Know yourself. Make your own decisions. Be free.

trackle helps women to raise body awareness.
Knowing when they are fertile is an important information for all women and their partners. Only then family planning can work.

With trackle, the symptothermal method is usable easily:
The sensor measures the temperature. You enter your cervical mucus status into the app – and trackle calculates whether you can get pregnant today or not.

The method on which trackle is based combines temperature values with individual symptoms, enabling particularly precise statements.
trackle helps you apply this method correctly.