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trackleCatch - with cord

trackleCatch - with cord

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What is trackleCatch?

trackleCatch is a sensor that you can easily remove in the morning by pulling the tab with a cord threaded. Measure yours basal temperature during the night and once answered in the box in the morning, trackle transmits the temperature data to the free app on your smartphone.

What can I use trackleCatch for?

Use the trackleCatch just like trackleRegular. With trackleCatch you can find out in a way need and reliable which are your fertile days and which are not. trackle measures temperature in a simple and continuous way by replacing the morning measurement prone to errors. 

Who is trackleCatch suitable for?

trackle is the ideal tool for women with irregular sleep, with a hectic pace of life and for mothers with small children. It is perfect for women who want to apply the symptothermal method but have difficulty with morning measurement. 

It is the ideal tool for which you are looking for a natural contraceptive method, hormone-free, reliable and approved by the scientific community.

Thanks to the cord you can remove the sensor easily. This gives you confidence, especially when using it for the first time.

How does trackleCatch work?

trackleCatch works just like the classic trackle. There is only one difference: you can thread a cord to remove the sensor easily. The sensor is the size of a tampon. Insert trackle inside the vagina before afall asleep and during the night the sensor measures yours temperature. For removal, the sensor can be extracted from the vagina by pulling the cord. Then you clean it. And once placed in the box in the morning, trackle transmits the temperature data to the app, then you manually select the quality of your cervical mucus choosing through five categories. The result tells you the app: Today is a fertile day or today it is not a fertile day.

We will give you a few meters of cord for your trackleCatch. Should you need more, you can order it in our shop.

System Requirements:

  • Android smartphone with version 5.0 or later
  • Iphone with iOS10 or later

We generally deliver in 3-5 business days

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