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trackle sensor system

trackle sensor system

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What is trackle?

trackle is a sensor system for determining your core body temperature. It measures your basal temperature overnight and transfers the obtained data measurements easily and reliably to the free app on your iPhone or Android Smartphone as soon as trackle is placed in its box. Smartphone as soon as trackle is placed in its box. 



What can I use trackle for?

With trackle you can find out precisely and reliably on which days in the cycle you are fertile - and on which days you are not. By continuously measuring the core body temperature at night, trackle is particularly precise and reduces sources of errors occur in the classic temperature method - punctual daily measurement at the same time in the morning is no longer needed.

Who is trackle suitable for?

trackle is perfect for women with an irregular sleep and life rhythm, little children, or difficulties with classic temperature measurement method, who still want to use the proven symptothermal method because it is hormone-free, safe and well researched. 


How does trackle work?

The trackle sensor is worn vaginally like a tampon at night and records the core body temperature. After getting up you remove it, clean it and put it in its box, there it transmits its data. In addition, you enter further observations and the nature of your cervical mucus in the app. The app informs you of the result: Today is a fertile or sterile day.


SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: trackle determined using the symptothermal method precisely whether you can get pregnant or not.

SIMPLE cycle control: The trackle sensor is no bigger than a tampon. It is worn vaginally at night and reliably measures yours Core body temperature.

SAFE handling: Put it in its box in the morning, trackle sends the temperature data to the app in which you can also find out the consistency of your cervical mucus detected.

Your COMPANION: trackle helps you to understand your cycle and body better, to use hormone-free contraception and to support your desire for children with prognoses for ovulation and menstruation. supported.
CHEAPER: trackle works for at least two years and, as a hormone-free alternative, is even cheaper than conventional family planning methods for women.

This is part of your trackle sensor system:

  • a temperature sensor with storage box
  • a App , which you can download from the Google and Apple app stores

Note : the app can only be used together with the sensor. It can only be started after receiving the sensor and getting it paired with the app. Here you will find an overview of the App.

System requirements: 

  • Android smartphone with Android version 5.0 or newer
  • Iphone with iOS10 or newer

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