Medical device trackle is system consisting of three medical devices. All components comply with the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and the Medical Devices Act (MPG). Please read, when using trackle, our leaflet that comes with your sensor!


b 300x300 - Regulatory information    CE - Regulatory information    adr 1 300x102 - Regulatory information


Version:  277-79a2968

UDI: (01)04270000361869(8012)277-79A2968(21)087

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CE - Regulatory information      adr 1 300x102 - Regulatory information


Hardwareversion: 1.0 rev. C

Firmwareversion: v1.0.2.-PROD-20180326103205 (v5.6.6)

b 300x300 - Regulatory information     cezahl 1 - Regulatory information    adr 1 300x102 - Regulatory information

Please note the other markings for the sensor on the packaging and in the leaflet!