Getting pregnant - tips from trackle

Leave on socks during sex and you definitely get a boy, the shower after intercourse should be avoided, when you want to conceive a child and getting pregnant with the  cowgirl position – is impossible!?

There are enough Myths and absurd tips about getting pregnant. We know from our own experience that getting pregnant is not that easy and wandering through the myth labyrinth does not really provide enlightenment – trackle cleans up with fables and promises and says what really helps.

Just get pregnant easily?

We know from our own experience that getting pregnant is not always easy. That's why we clean up with myths and tell you what really helps.

There is no right position for getting pregnant!

Some praise positions in which the sperm could enter as deeply as possible – others advice against these positions. The fact is: there is no right position for getting pregnant. Do what you feel comfortable with, that’s worth a lot more than any contortions!

The right weight is important!

Overweight and underweight can actually have a negative impact on your desire to get pregnant. These result in hormonal changes, which can negatively affect your cycle – even with your husband, too much or too little weight can affect sperm production.

You don't have to lay down after sex!

Squeeze your legs and stay lying so that no sperm gets lost? That’s nonsense! Scientifically no increased pregnancies could be detected if women layed down longer. You can get up, take a shower and go to the bathroom – the latter is even helpful against bladder infections.

Conventional lubricants are a hindrance to getting pregnant!

It has been scientifically proven that lubricants are sometimes harmful to sperm and often prevent it from reaching the fallopian tube. This is often due to lubricants whose pH is too low. The pH value is crucial for sperm mobility.

Women with extremely long bleeding are not more fertile!

On the contrary, sometimes a very strong menstruation indicates disturbance of the cycle that make your desire to become pregnant more difficult. Talk to your gynecologist about your pregnancy and your menstruation. Because if you have been trying to get pregnant for a while, your extreme bleeding could be the reason for your still unfulfilled desire to have a baby.

Alcohol and cigarettes are taboo!

If you try to fulfill your desire to have children, you should do good to yourself and your body. This includes abstaining from alcohol and nicotine. Both can negatively affect your fertility. You should also continue to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy!

The only thing that really helps: Get to know fertile days!

trackle helps you to reliably recognize your fertile days and get pregnant faster.