Contraceptive or getting pregnant: You decide!

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Safe and hormone free

Certified contraceptive

Developed by a woman

Your advantages with the trackle cycle computer

1. Low susceptibility to error when measuring

trackle measures core body temperature intravaginally, i.e. in the body. This means that the measured values are significantly less influenced than those measured on the surface of the skin, e.g. on the wrist.

2. Easy to use

trackle measures during sleep and determines the lowest temperature reached while resting. This makes the cycle curves more uniform than with the more strongly fluctuating measured values in the case of selective measurement after waking up.

3. Automatic transmission via app

trackle automatically transfers the measured temperature data – no more errors when entering curves, tables and apps.

4. According to the standards of the symptothermal method

trackle calculates the cycle according to the standards of the symptothermal method – well researched and reliable.

No stress - just freedom

You wear that cycle computer vaginally at night, transfer your data in the morning and type in your symptoms – that’s it. trackle does the rest and evaluates for you. Knowing can be so easy!

Free from artificial hormones

With trackle the symptothermal method (Pearl Index 0.4-0.6) is finally really usable: the sensor measures the temperature, you enter in the app how your cervical mucus feels today – and trackle calculates whether you can get pregnant today.

Smart and sexy

trackle not only offers the most innovative way of determining fertility, but also looks good at the same time. In addition, trackle offers you the opportunity to openly discuss the topic of sexuality with your partner. Studies have even proven that it improves the sex lives of many couples. So get your partner involved!

Decide for yourself

Make a baby now? You decide this. trackle informs you on which days you are fertile and on which days you are not – no more and no less. What you do with it is up to you. Take the step towards more self-determination now!

Scientifically tested method

The evaluations of trackle based on the rules of the symptothermal method. This has been done for decades and has been scientifically proven several times. But that’s not all: trackle itself is certified as a contraceptive in medical product class IIb and thus differs significantly from many competing products.

At home in my body

trackle shows you what your body can do and what is going on inside you. This knowledge enables you to get to know your body in a whole new way and to build a whole new connection with it.

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