Determine and understand the cycle hormone-free with trackle

Ovulation, periods, cervical mucus and a whole lot of hormones - the female cycle is quite a miracle and quite a complex system. Something like that doesn't remain without effects: our mood is also influenced by it, our appearance, our sense of smell, our body perception and and and. We think it's great, impressive and cause for celebration. What nature has come up with is a real miracle. But miracles don't just have to happen to us, do they? Those who are in the know have a clear advantage: when will your period come? Which cycle-related patterns do you recognize in yourself? When does your ovulation take place? How long are your cycle phases? And what has yours Zervixschleim to do with? Here you will find everything you need to know about your cycle, because don't worry: we will not leave you alone on your journey, but will provide you with all the information you need.

This is how your cycle works

We think it's super important that you know how your body and your cycle work and what's actually going on. That's why we explain the three cycle phases that we encounter every month: menstruation, the follicular phase and the corpus luteum phase.

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around ovulation

The interaction of various hormones ensures that the mature egg cell leaves the ovary and makes its way through the fallopian tube: this is the time of ovulation. We explain when you ovulate, how you can calculate it and what your fertility has to do with it. We also give you an overview of signs that can occur around your ovulation.

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All about cervical mucus

Your cervical mucus changes during your cycle. This will help you determine your fertility. We explain everything you need to know about it: what cervical mucus actually is, how to observe it correctly and how the consistency changes depending on the status of your cycle.

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