Legend calendar

A registered bleed is marked in red.

A dark green marking of a day indicates a fertile day.

A white/grey marking of a day indicates an infertile day.

A dark yellow day marks a detected ovulation.


A light red tag with a gray background represents a prognosis for bleeding.

A light green day with a gray background represents a forecast for a fertile day.

A white/gray day with a gray background represents a forecast for an infertile day.

A light yellow day with a gray background represents a forecast for ovulation. As soon as this forecast is exceeded by the current day, the marking disappears. Ovulation is only confirmed when all parameters are complete and have been determined. In other words, a temperature peak and a cervical mucus peak are present.


Observe your bleeding and enter it according to the strength you have experienced. The first bleeding after ovulation is considered the beginning of a new cycle.

Spotting can range from a light, reddish or brownish discoloration of the cervical mucus to menstrual-like bleeding.Sometimes bleeding may occur outside of menstruation. Before trackle has detected ovulation, this bleeding is considered a sign of possible fertility (just like an S+ in cervical mucus).

This is how the registered bleedings look in the calendar overview.

The weaker the bleeding, the smaller the red box.

Cervical mucus

The observation of the cervical mucus is recorded and evaluated in the symptothermal method in combination with the core body temperature. Important: Without cervical mucus data, ovulation cannot be detected according to the rules of the symptothermal method. A detailed explanation of the abbreviations can be found here.


The cervix, or mouth of the uterus, is subject to cyclical changes. If you wish, you can determine these through self-examination in addition to the cervical mucus.Immediately after menstruation, the cervix is closed, hard and protrudes deep into the vagina.As ovulation approaches, the cervix becomes soft, opens slightly and rises slightly higher.After ovulation, it closes again, becomes hard and stands lower.

Sexual intercourse

If you have had sexual intercourse, you can also enter this if you wish. Here you can also select whether with or without contraceptives.


Here you can enter disturbances that may have influenced the temperature.

Free field / Notes

The empty field provides space for notes on additional observations.

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